Take all the doubts you may have.

In case you don’t find your answer please contact us by email info@portugueseliving.com

How do I do to get the key of the apartment I’ve booked?

All our check ins are made by a memeber of our team. He will meet you at the apartment for keys delivery and to show the apartment and give you all tips you may need.

Do I need to take bed linen sheets and towels?

No, all our apartments are ready for you and totally eqquiped. At your arrival you will find clean towels and beds made.

At my departure do I need to leave the apartment cleaned?

No. Once you leave our cleaning team will arrive and make the cleaning

At what time can I check in and need to check out the apartment

Check ins start at 3pm and check outs must be until 11am.

If I want to check in earlier do you allow me?

We can manage an early check in, but for that you need to contact us directly. It depends if the apartment have any check out the same day and if it will be already cleaned.

But you need always our authorization and arrange it with Portuguese Living, and extra fee may be applied

If I want to check out later do you allow me?

We can manage a late check out, but for that you need to contact us directly. It depends if the apartment have any check in the same day .

But you need always our authorization and arrange it with Portuguese Living, and extra fee may be applied

Is the kitchen full eqquiped?

The kitchen is fully equipped so that you can cook and have your meals during your stay.

All the apartments have free internet wireless?

Yes. At check in we give you the rights codes to access internet

In case I need to cancel my reservation how can I do it?

You must contact Portuguese Living directly.

You can also check our cancellation policy in our website

In case I need a baby cot, is it possible?

Yes, you must request it to Portuguese Living and its under availability. The baby cot have an extra fee, for the entire stay, of 15€.

Do you accept credit card at check in?

Yes. We only accept Mastercard and Visa.

None of my cards work, how can I do to make the remaining payment at arrival?

In this cases you should go to the nearest ATM and take the money. The member of our team thats is with you can help you.

How can I book an apartment?

You can do it directly through our website (www.portugueseliving.com), or in case you prefer, you can contact us directly by email and send us your request with all the details for your stay. We will answer you as soon as possible.

How do I have access to the address of the apartment?

We only give the address once the book is made and after we receive the initial down payment.

You will receive a voucher with this information and everything you may need for your arrival.

What is the down payment?

The down payment correspond to a percentage of the total booking, and only after this downpayment is made we give the booking as confirmed.

After I made my reservation how long should I wait to have the confirmation?

Normally is automatic, only if its paid by bank transfer it can take until 3 week days. If you make it during weekend it might not be immediatly, but we will do everything we can to be as soon as possible.

I havent’t receive any confirmation, what should I do?

You should send us an email or contactu us by phone

Whats the voucher and why do you send us it?

The voucher is the proof that we send after the down payment. It says we have received in good conditions the payment you made, and should read it before arrival. It gives you all information you may need once in Portugal and you can start preparing your trip.

Is there any discount for long trips?

If you want to make a booking for a long journey, you can contact us directly and we will give you our better price. Discounts Se quiser fazer uma reserva para uma estadia prolongada, poderá contactar-nos directamente e teremos em consideração. Discount sdepen don the time of year and the demand for each apartment. But to know talk with us

How can I modifie the days of my reservation?

Contact us directly by mail or phone

How can I get back the security deposit that I have paid at my arrival?

The deposit is refunded at check out, by a member of our team, and if the apartment is left in perfect conditions as it was at your arrival.

Deposit is paid in cash and returned the same way

I need to make check out earlier than it was expected, but I can get in contact with Portuguese Living, what should I do?

If you need to leave earlier and you are not able to get in contact with us, you should leave the keys on the table inside the apartment, turn off all the lights, turn off all appliances, such has eaters or air conditioning and close the door. Pay attention, don’t leave any key on the door inside, if this happens we will not able to get in the apartment. You should try again to get in contact with us or send an email so that we can arrange the return of the refund.

We just don’t want you to loose your flight back home for this reason.

Im going to stay 2 weeks at the apartment, do I have any middle cleanng?

Yes, after 7 days its mandatory to have a new cleaning with change of bed linen sheets and towels. Attention, our cleaning ladies clean the apartment, don’t wash any kind of dishes or take care of your clothes.

What basics will I find in the apartment?

Portuguese Living normally leaves at the apartment for all guests: salt, olive oil, sugar, coffee, tea, dishwasher tablets, napkins, kitchen paper roll and some rolls of toilet paper. If any of this items ends during your stay the replacement is responsibility of the guest to buy more. Portuguese Living replaces them in each entry.

Im worried about a review that I read for the apartment that I want to book, what should I do?

Sometimes, and we have more than 10 years of experience, there are some reviews that might not be the best ones and that doesn’t correspond with reality, so the best we advice you to do, is to give us a call or send an email so that we can clarify you!

Portuguese Living values the quality of her apartments and services, and makes everything so that our guests can have the best experience they never had.

Are the apartments owned by Portuguese Living?

No. Each apartment have an owner that authorizes Portuguese Living to explore them. Portuguese Living is the manager of each apartment in her portfolio

If an appliance failure during our stay what should we do?

You should contact us immediatly so that we can solve the problem as soon as possible. Breakdowns happen and we can not blame ourselves if it happens during your stay, but we can promise you that we will do whatever we can to solve it as quick as possible.